Tell Me You’re From Florida…


Alligators are the norm in a state like Florida but something was a little off about one cold-blooded creature.

A three-legged alligator was seen outside of a Topgolf location in Fort Myers and captured on video by Amanda Leigh. She posted about the three-legged fellow on TikTok where the gator looks like it was attempting to cross the street in the rain. The caption for her video reads: “Tell me you’re from Florida…”

“Tell me this is not the most Florida [bleeping] thing you’ve ever seen right now. We’re just trying to pull into Topgolf, bro. What’s up? You wanna go whack some golf balls?!” Leigh said in the video.

The gator backs off when it sees the vehicle approaching, which exposes that the reptile only has three legs. It hobbles away as best it can one leg down but clearly, this alligator has been through some serious stuff.

As for Leigh, she changes her tone immediately after seeing the gator’s predicament. The poor thing is just trying to take life day by day like the rest of us.


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