Texas Man’s Dilemma: To Rob or Mow the Yard? 


Why debate between two options when you can choose both possibilities? 

Marcus Renard Hubbard is accused of burglarizing a Texas home at night, and there was evidence of him breaking into a residence on the home surveillance camera.

Despite being arrested for breaking and entering, not all of his actions weren’t criminal offenses. Even though robberies are time-sensitive, he managed to make time to mow the victim’s front and back yards. Home surveillance video had footage of Hubbard taking a lawnmower from their home, filling it up with gas, and then mowing the lawn. 

The Texas man may have OCD or thought his good gesture would balance out the crime. We will never know as he escaped shortly after.

Police officers immediately responded to the burglary, and they chased the suspect in an attempt to stop him. He fled the scene and ditched the lawnmower in a nearby alley.

The victims are left confused about whether to yell harshly or express gratitude.

Hubbard is now wanted for burglary of a building. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call the Port Arthur Police Department.


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