That’s Not Your Son’s Name


When it comes to children’s names, depending on the level of difficulty, proper spelling can be hit or miss. Even if everyone else spells the name wrong, you’d at least expect the parents to get it right. One mother has been left in shock after her husband has been misspelling their son’s name for the last five months.

The mother took to Reddit to share her surprise with her partner. She started by saying that she wondered why her husband’s friends were always spelling their son’s name as Issac instead of Isaac. It turned out that it was all thanks to the hubby, who had also been spelling the name wrong.

She wrote: “My son’s name is Isaac. He is 5 months old. I’ve been wondering why all of my husband’s friends spell it ‘Issac’. Today I realized that they spell it that way because HE spells it that way. He announced it that way, that is how he refers to him in all his messages. He sends his grandma photo postcards and that is how he spells his name on those.”

They also added in the comments: “I did not expect these issues with such a common name!

“It has really p***ed me off! As a one-off it’s fine, autocorrect is silly, haha etc. But it’s every time and he’s never noticed?! He hasn’t even noticed that everyone else now does the same thing. Mind blown. If someone spells my baby’s name wrong to me then I definitely notice… because he’s my flipping baby!”

Hundreds of people have since responded to the post, with many sharing similar situations and hilarious comments.

One person wrote: “I really hope he didn’t fill out the birth certificate!”

Another person said: “My cousin realized he’d been spelling his name ‘wrong’ when he was 16. His parents spelt it Zachery on his birth certificate but he was taught to spell it Zachary.

“They also spelt his sister’s name as Haylee because they didn’t know there was any other way to spell it (it’s commonly spelt Hayley in Australia).”

Hopefully, this dad gets his act together soon so he doesn’t end up spelling his son’s name wrong his entire life.


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