The Disloyal Car Reports Drunk Driver


Alan McShane, a 37-year-old engineer from Wallsend, England, was driving a company Mercedes EQC when the ethically sound machine decided to call 999 on him.

McShane was driving on New Bridge Street intoxicated after celebrating the Newcastle United football win. The celebrations were short-lived after a car crash on the Central Motorway prompted the car to alert emergency services to the location. The safety feature mechanism said, “we’ve called emergency services, are you alright?” He may be okay now but the car got him hooked in a legal mess.

Paramedics and fire services showed up to aid the situation. Officers requested a breath sample, and the results revealed a blood alcohol level of 110 mcg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, which is three times more than the legal limit of 35 mcg.

McShane pleaded guilty at the Newcastle Magistrates’ Court hearing. Prosecutor Sarah Malkinson said: “Officers were asked to attend the scene of a one-vehicle collision on the off-slip of the Central Motorway. A vehicle had collided with the surrounding street furniture.”

Michael Henderson, the defense attorney, backed the character of McShane said: “Basically a hard-working man who, on the night in question, made a significant mistake. McShane had been working hard and had not been intending to get drunk that evening.”

Henderson added that other people not getting food is a valid excuse to drink and drive. He said: “The people he met didn’t want to go for food, so he had a drink, and in the early hours of the morning he knew he had to drive the car to work, he was concerned about leaving it parked there because it wasn’t his vehicle.

“He made a mistake — ’15 minutes to drive home to Wallsend’, that’s what he thought, ‘I will get the car’. Obviously, his judgment had been affected by the alcohol he had consumed.”

His error in judgment cost him “a £1,500 fine, plus other costs of £230, and banned from driving for 25 months, with the option to reduce the ban by 25 weeks by taking a drink-drive rehabilitation course.” That’s a little over $2,100 in total.

Next time, he will ditch the traitor car at the office parking grounds before a night out.


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