The Entire Village Goes Dark For This Love Story


Falling in love is similar to a cocaine high for the brain. The early days of love can impair the judgment of lovers. It can cause people who are lovestruck to engage in irrational behavior due to an uncontrollable fixation on another individual.

A man in Bihar, a state in eastern India, took his loving gestures to the next level by cutting the power lines of the village to meet his girlfriend in the dark.

This man was an electrician who took advantage of his job to access the power lines in the Ganeshpur village in the Purnia district. He cut the power connection a few times before being caught by the residents.

He was love blind, and he decided to keep the village in the dark as a consequence. The village was under an extreme heat warning, and the residents were sweating puddles in the dark. The area reported that the power would be gone for hours, which was peculiar considering that there were no issues with the power supply.

Irritated villagers were determined to resolve this ongoing problem and began investigating the issue. Shortly after the power outage, they found the couple at a nearby school.

They did not just talk him into his senses. The raged people physically assaulted the man and later paraded him through the village as a form of punishment.

The locals must have felt remorse for the guy because they did not press charges and escalate the issue to the police. However, cops did find out about the power outages but they did not act on this knowledge as no one filed a complaint.

The village took it upon themselves to write the ending for this love story. The locals decided to get the couple married in the presence of village council members. He is not locked in a cell but he will be locked down into the blissful commitment of marriage.


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