The Hottest Rookie Card on the Market


Rookie cards have made all kinds of headlines in the past from being ultra rare to being dubbed the most expensive. A new rookie card is about to hit the market and not for what you think.

When Allie Tarantino was flipping through a magazine several years ago, he came across Mark Zuckerberg’s name. We all know Zuckerberg as the creator of Facebook but to Tarantino, he was a kid who went to Elmwood Day Camp, where Tarantino still works today.

Rifling through boxes in his basement, Tarantino discovered a baseball card featuring a young Zuckerberg grinning in a red jersey. He was offered the card as a parting gift at the end of camp from Zuckerberg as a child nearly 30 years ago.

Tarantino is now hoping that the signed baseball card will bring in a small fortune when it becomes available for auction. “As somebody who collects things, it’s always really difficult to part with whatever you have in your collection. But I’ve always been like weirdly curious about how the public would react to something that’s like this that’s a weird combination of pop culture and memorabilia,” he said.

The card will also be auctioned off as an NFT to promote the digital technology and also NFTs available across Zuckerberg’s Meta’s platforms.

“We’re going to auction off the card against a one-of-a-kind NFT of the card,” said Stephen Fishler, founder of ComicConnect, which is auctioning off the items. Fishler also mentioned that he’s uncertain of the value of the items since they aren’t the usual kinds of memorabilia put up for auction.


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