The McSpicy Is Back and It’s Still Not Spicy


The McSpicy is back at McDonald’s but not without some criticism from customers. The fast food chain recently brought back the sandwich in the United Kingdom after nearly a year off the menu and was met with a divided response.

McDonald’s description of the McSpicy is: “a spicy chicken breast fillet topped with crunchy cool lettuce and mayo between toasted sesame seed bun.” If a menu item is introduced as spicy, you would think it would be exactly that. Many customers have taken to social media to show their displeasure with the burger that claims to be spicy but isn’t.

One user commented with a picture of their burger: “How is that a McSpicy? Feel being cheated. That’s just a mayo chicken in a McSpicy box.”

Another commented on the lack of spice: “McSpicy? More like McLame. I’ve had hotter ice creams.”

“Literally nothing spicy about it,” a user quoted.

Obviously, people have different levels of spice tolerance, but the overwhelming disappointment for this spicy sandwich has forced McDonald’s hand. A McDonald’s spokesperson discussed the criticism they’ve received in the past about the spice level of the McSpicy.

“We know that spice is subjective — customers with mouths of steel might think it only has a little kick, whilst others might be clamouring for a glass of milk. We’re confident regardless of your spice tolerance levels, the McSpicy is a delicious addition to the menu which customers love, and encourage everyone to join the #McSpicyDebate.”

In the United States, the restaurant recently re-introduced its iconic Szechaun Sauce. The fan-favorite dipping sauce is only available to order through the McDonald’s app for a limited time.


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