The Unhappiest Place on Earth


Disney World is often referred to as the “happiest place on Earth.” That wasn’t the case for two families who ended up getting in a huge fight at the Orlando theme park’s Magic Kingdom.

The two families were waiting in line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic theatre. One family member left the line to retrieve her phone from an electric conveyance vehicle. When she returned to re-join her group in line, another family blocked her from getting past them. They began “pushing her back so they could let the line move a bit further along.”

When both families exited the theatre, a fight began after one of the girl’s family members confronted the other group. An expletive-laden shouting match quickly evolved into a physical, all-out brawl that spilled into the street as a crowd of park-goers gathered.

According to the Walt Disney World News Today blog, one group allegedly “stole or broke several personal items belonging to their opponents including mobile phones and designer clothes.”

After a couple of minutes, two Disney employees intervened and broke up the fight. All family members were escorted to a security office to cool down. Most had minor cuts and bruises from the battle but one person was taken away in an ambulance after he suffered a large cut to his face.

The family whose member left the line and returned has been banned from the theme park. Guests from the other family were reportedly arrested. Was this fight worth it to not let someone re-join a line?


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