The World’s First Robot CEO


China is one of the countries leading in advanced technology in many different fields. A new step has been taken as, for the first time, a humanoid robot has been appointed as CEO of a Chinese mobile gaming company.

NetDragon Websoft appointed the robot named “Tang Yu” to an extremely important role. The robot will now serve as the general manager of the company’s principal subsidiary, Fujian Net Dragon Websoft. The AI is capable of handling the day-to-day tasks of being a CEO so they don’t have too many concerns.

Tang Yu will also be used as a real-time data hub and analytical tool to support rational decision-making in daily operations. This will help the company to create a more effective risk management system for future decisions.

“We believe AI is the future of corporate management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way we operate our business and ultimately drive our future strategic growth,” said Dr. Dejian Liu on the appointment of world’s first humanoid robot.

The founder of the company added: “Looking forward, we will continue to expand on our algorithms behind Tang Yu to build an open, interactive, and highly transparent management model as we gradually transform into a metaverse-based working community, which will enable us to attract a much broader base of talents worldwide and put us in a position to achieve bigger goals.”

It should be interesting to see how this experiment will work out. Who knows, it could open the doors for more robot CEOs in the future.


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