The World’s Most Literal Bakery


A bakery in India might just be the most literal bakery in the entire world. A man ordered a cake from a renowned bakery in Nagpur, India, using the delivery app called Swiggy. In the notes section of the order, he simply asked whether the cake contained eggs.

The man, whose name is Kapil Wasnik, definitely got his answer but not in the way you would expect. Instead of the bakery reaching out or leaving a note that the cake did, in fact, contain egg, they left a message iced into the top of the man’s cake.

Wasnik took to Twitter to post an image of his delivered creation, which showed a completed cake with the message “CONTAIN EGG” written in the center of the cake.

Despite Wasnik thinking he was the only one with this problem, many other previous customers reached out in the comments to show the bakery’s other mishaps.

One user requested that the cake he ordered be sent without cutlery since it wasn’t needed. Instead of the bakery not sending cutlery, they iced “DON’T SEND CUTLERY” on top of the cake, along with two small chocolate hearts to make up for their hilarious mistake.

Other icing mishaps have included “CONGRATION YOU DONE IT” and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS TILE”.


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