Thief Leaves Cellphone in Stolen Van


As a thief, you’d think you would try to be a little more prepared during an escape. A group of robbers stole a van but when they left it behind a few hours later, they forgot to grab the one thing that could incriminate them: a cellphone.

The group rode up on a bike to Crystal and Hamza Alhabarneh’s home in the Field neighborhood of Minneapolis shortly after midnight. Crystal guesses it took them nearly an hour to hot wire the car before they backed it away, only able to get the van to go in reverse.

This also wasn’t your typical van but a clunky branded carpet cleaning business van. Not necessarily discrete, especially when the owner can easily tell it’s their van.

“Like three blocks ahead of where I was I saw it drive across the street right in front of me down 40th, and I was like, ‘That’s our van!'” Crystal said. Crystal was able to confront the driver about the van before he took off. He ditched the van at 38th Street and 11th Avenue.

The dash was completed ripped off and a bunch of equipment from her husband’s carpet cleaning business was also stolen. Despite the van being totaled, when looking around, Crystal discovered something rather amusing.

“He left his cellphone in the passenger’s seat. It didn’t have a passcode. It just said, ‘Hold down to unlock.’

“He was still logged into his Facebook Messenger, it had text messages where he was sending a picture of the equipment to try to and sell it to people,” Crystal said.

Definitely, a nice bit of information for investigators to start off with. As of right now, the couple has filed a police report but the criminals are still on the loose.


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