Thief Raids Car for Sausage Roll

A Welsh man shared his story of how he accidentally left his car window open, only for a thief to completely ignore his wallet in favor of a sausage roll.

Dean Morris had driven to his hometown of Llanelli to visit his family and grandmother who he hadn’t seen in a while. He parked on her street but forgot to close his car window.

The 27-year-old spent a brief amount of time inside before he headed back to his vehicle. In that short period of time, someone had reached through the gap and opened the door. To Morris’ relief, his phone and wallet were still there but there was one thing missing: a Greggs sausage roll Morris had purchased for the drive home.

After discovering the missing roll, Morris was “fuming.” Morris took to TikTok where he recounted the entire incident.

He said it was “the most Llanelli thing” but added that Greggs is not particularly popular in the town, which only added to the strangeness of the situation. “The oddest thing is if you’re in Llanelli and buy a sausage roll, you buy it from Jenkins, the Llanelli pasty shop ⁠— not Greggs. I’d bought it in the services on the way.”

Was this a thief wanting to try a Greggs roll or showing their anger by disposing of the Greggs roll over the local favorite?

“As soon as I said it was in Llanelli, everyone said, ‘Oh, that does happen there.’ I was only in a few minutes so it was a very swift sausage roll stealer. I think if I reported it I might get arrested for wasting police time,” he said.

Morris has over 600,000 followers on TikTok and multiple people commented on his video about the hilarious incident. One local wrote: “I was shocked till you said Llanelli. Typical Llanelli. I’m saying that as someone from there.”

Another person commented: “#greggsgate!!!” to which Morris responded: “#findmysausageroll”.

Unfortunately, Morris left Llanelli on an empty stomach when he headed back to London to attend the MCM London Comic Con convention.