Thief Shows His Ass for the World to See


Does anyone recognize these butt cheeks? Officers do not have much footage to capture the physical appearance of one of the two suspects in a robbery incident. In the limited CCTV footage that cops shared, two men were stealing tools from a van after breaking the window.

The criminals are suspected to be related to a larger group that has targeted more than 40 tradespeople across Coventry using vehicles on cloned registration plates. The approximate value of the tools is $700 but it is not the lost value that is the only concerning factor. Suspects have brandished crowbars and metal batons during some of the thefts. Officials are concerned that they may use the tools for violence.

In the CCTV footage, one of the suspects was quick on his feet transferring the objects from the van to their car, while the other was busy mooning witnesses nearby at the time of the robbery.

Coventry Police Detective Inspector Stew Lewis said: “We’ve had a bit of fun with the video in the hope it will be widely shared and generate information about who might be involved.”

The commentary at the bottom of the video read: “What a cheek! Do you know who this is? Call us.”

So laugh, folks, but not too hard. Keep your eyes wide open for these suspects. The police officers added: “These offenses are no laughing matter. These brazen thieves have stolen tools worth thousands of pounds; tradespeople have been left out of pocket and badly inconvenienced.”

Cops concluded: “We need to find these thieves. If you think you recognize them, suspect who may be involved, or have been offered tools for sale in suspicious circumstances, then please get in touch.”

If we solely rely on identifying criminals with their butt cheeks, we might be waiting a long time to catch these suspects as people are not walking around with their pants down.


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