Thieves Busted by Police After Stopping to Charge Getaway Tesla

When going on a crime spree, it’s important that you have the optimal getaway vehicle to take you away from the scene of the crime. Two Georgia suspects made the mistake of using a Tesla to try to escape after stealing gaming systems.

Gwinnett County North Precinct officers received a call notifying them of a theft in the area. When they arrived at the scene, officers were told that the suspects had fled in a Tesla.

Credit: Gwinnett County North Precinct

The officers alerted other precincts about the description of the suspects and the vehicle they were driving. Fortunately, the suspects didn’t get too far and were discovered close to the scene of the crime charging the vehicle.

Police said that they not only recovered the stolen gaming systems but also several guns and two pounds of suspected marijuana. The Gwinnett County North Percinct posted about the bust on its Facebook page.