This British Street Doesn’t Exist


A common catchphrase is a picture is worth a thousand words. This phrase is not always accurate. We can fall prey to a visual deception where the image is nothing more than an illusion. The eyes may convince us that the place is real but artificial intelligence reveals a different story.

In a Reddit thread, people are chatting about an astonishing design of a British street. Hold up if you’re planning to visit this street. You might be detouring in multiple directions with no luck. This area is a work of fiction using an image generator. Technology can build an alternate reality with a high level of accuracy that can confuse some people into thinking it’s a tangible location.

Although the design looks convincing, not everyone is entirely sold on the final representation. One user commented: “Where are the cars parked half on the pavement?”

Another person wrote: “Does anyone get a bit of a creeped-out, uncanny valley sort of feeling? Like, it’s very familiar but also wrong and unsettling.” Horror film art directors may have to construct this setting for their upcoming psychological thrillers.

A third jokester wrote: “My nan lives there.”

Although the minor details may be missing and not picture perfect, the essence of the British residential road is captured well by the algorithm.

For those initially fooled by the masterpiece, take it with a stride, as first impressions are not always objective truths about reality.


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