This Burglar Breaks In For Pierogies


Imagine going through the hassle of breaking into a residence only to leave all the valuable items untouched, then simply walking away with a bag of frozen pierogies valued at $10. Could the burglar not find a different high-value item to steal?

Tyler Whyte, a 26-year-old man who lives in Trout Run, broke into a Pennsylvania residence. According to police officers, the “burglar only stole a bag of frozen dumpling delicacies.”

Perhaps his house was missing the dumplings, and a grocery trip was not a viable option. His line of thinking could be why walk to the grocery store to pick up the food craving when another person probably has it.

According to a Pennsylvania State Police report, “The thief made off with a five-pound bag of Mrs. T’s brand pierogies valued at $10.”

The mission to get the pierogies resulted in minor damage to the drywall in the kitchen. Whyte was starving, and this man was willing to break a few walls for extra food.

This burglary can speak volumes about the food company as someone loved their food so much that they broke into a residence for it.

Maybe the jail food will have pierogies on the menu.


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