This Daring Senior Has A Poop Explosion


Things took a messy turn at a luxury condo. The management of Rio, a condo building located at 304 East 65th Street, New York, has filed a lawsuit against Helen Hirsh, an 83-year-old resident, for using the building’s pool as a toilet.

According to their legal claim submitted to the New York State Supreme Court, Hirsh “defecated in the fitness center’s pool and then again in the fitness center shower.” The condominium was “forced to shut down the fitness center’s pool so that it could be properly sanitized… and to take the fitness center’s shower out of use so that it could be cleaned and disinfected.”

Hirsh was reported to be a troublemaker with multiple mischievous acts. She was accused of being loud and disruptive while participating in the fitness amenities. Hirsh was not adhering to the dress code as she used the gym equipment with a wet bathing suit and no proper athletic footwear.

The condo’s management tried to ban Hirsh from the fitness area, but that wasn’t enough to stop her workouts. She finessed the system by getting the entry code from a real estate agent who had been doing building tours.

There was another incident where she forced her way into the fitness center as another resident was exiting the building. Police had to be called to the scene when multiple attempts to restrict her access failed.

The other building residents support the management in their decision to take legal action. Ian Montgomery, a 55-year-old man who has been living there for three years, states that: “It’s a really nice building. In and out of COVID, my wife and I have used the pool every day and I think this is the first poop incident I’ve heard of. I’m glad appropriate action is being taken in enforcing the rules of civility and hygiene in the building and in recovering expenses.”

Hirsh has a different story to share. She refuses the claim, saying: “Do they have evidence? Ridiculous, I was a doctor before!” She argues that management is filing the lawsuit due to her not tipping the building staff.

Stay tuned for a possible counterclaim from a frustrated retired doctor. In the meantime, this issue is cleaned up and the building residents can continue to use the amenities without the fear of swimming in poop.


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