This Dog Got Sick Of Her Owner


Think about waking up to a missing dog and then discovering that it went to go for a sleepover at a different house with a new family?

That was not just a hypothetical situation for Cris Hawkins as her over-friendly dog, Nala, slipped her collar and escaped down the street to a neighbor’s house. Nala managed to invite herself into the unlocked home and crawled into bed with the strangers.

Luckily, Julie and Jimmy Johnson owned the home, and they were dog lovers. They had three dogs of their own, and it was strange that none of the dogs reacted to a random dog taking over their bed space.

The couple didn’t realize until the following morning that there was a pup that they didn’t recognize in their bed. Johnson said their dogs are allowed to sleep on the bed, so they naturally assumed it was one of their own. In reality, they witnessed the sunrise with someone else’s pooch.

Johnson extended her search to social media, and she posted a picture of the dog in hopes that someone would recognize her.

Hawkins stumbled upon the social media post, and she was happy to track down her missing dog. Hawkins connected with Johnson to retrieve her adventurous pup. She explained that Nala left home in the middle of the night after her collar slipped off, then found their place.

Nala is reunited with her family till she decides to leave on another nighttime episode. Hopefully, the new location has a comfy bed and a friendly family.


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