This Man’s Butt Is on Fire


Drugs not only give off a dizzying high but they can also lead to a few bullets up the ass. Police officers had to intervene when a drug dispute between three people got out of hand.

Based on the reports from Wilkes-Barre Police Department, officers responded to a few gunshots fired on North Main Street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

During the investigation, a witness notified the cops that three men were arguing and one of them pulled a gun from his waist pocket. The man was later identified as William Stokes. The 45-year-old had poor aim causing him to shoot himself in the butt cheeks.

Shortly after the gunshots fired, the men fled the area, and officers found a 45-caliber casing dropped on the ground with blood stains and a ripped piece of jeans.

Cops found Stokes sitting on a bench in pain and unresponsive to their questions. Perhaps he was slightly embarrassed by the missed target and self-inflicted wound.

How does one pull the trigger in the direction of his ass? The drugs and heated arguments can explain the missed aim. The officers said that Stokes reeked of marijuana and alcohol. They were unaware of the gun wound at this time and had to arrest him for public intoxication.

A short while after, custody officers observed Stokes bleeding from his left buttocks, and they spotted a hole in his jeans.

The others joined him shortly after and told officers that the three of them had been drinking and smoking marijuana, which led to an intense argument. Stokes fired the gun when he was removing it from his pants pocket.

To make matters worse, the gun wasn’t even his possession. It was stolen from police officers seven years ago.

He may not be able to sit comfortably for a while but luckily for him, he can still practice shooting while he stands. The shooting practices can save his right buttocks from having to go through the left side’s suffering.


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