This Player Asks His Brother to Marry His Woman


Are you curious about learning the red flags in a relationship to avoid potential dating disasters? Here is a potential red flag — a man that puts his football games above his relationship. One woman had to settle for a placeholder groom as her fiancé had to attend to work responsibilities.

Mohamed Buya Turay, a 26-year-old football player for the Swedish club Malmö FC, was in a schedule conflict when his wedding in Sierra Leone overlapped with the timings of a match. He asked his brother to take his place at the altar to avoid the hassle of opting out of the game or postponing the wedding date.

He recently left the Chinese league and signed a new deal with Malmö FC. The club committee requested Turay to join the team immediately as the arrangements were underway for a crucial match. He could not push the wedding date or jeopardize this promising opportunity. He reached out to his sibling for help and requested him to say the vows as the temporary groom.

Turay said: “We took the photo beforehand, so it looks like I was there, but I wasn’t, my brother had to take my place at the actual wedding.”

It remains a mystery as to how the bride, Souad Baydon, consented to this setup. Perhaps the brother was an attractive sibling for the celebratory moment, and Baydon found her fiancé interchangeable with his sibling.

Photographers captured the brother and Baydon cutting the wedding cake while the footballer was busy kicking balls.

Turay added: “I will try to move my wife to Sweden and Malmö now so that she is close to me. She will live here with me.”

If his efforts are unsuccessful, his brother is always around to step into the role of a dutiful husband.


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