This Robot Stocks Drinks


Robots have been built and trained to do almost anything. The newest creation to up the corner store experience is a robot that stocks drinks.

In Tokyo, Japan, a small robot with a clip-like hand has the smarts to re-stock drinks in order to make convenience stores much more convenient. The robots are assisting with Japan’s numerous tiny stores that sell snacks, drinks and knick-knacks.

Most of the stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are filled with thousands of products but don’t have many workers to ensure shelves are stocked. The beverage shelves are also normally located in the very back of the stores, making it inconvenient for workers to have to run back and forth when restocking products.

The robot, named TX SCARA, was created by Tokyo-based company Telexistence. It the ability to slide back and forth behind the refrigerated shelves and can restock up to 1,000 bottles and cans a day. The machine has so far been pretty efficient.

Its artificial intelligence, called “GORDON,” knows exactly when and where products need to be placed on shelves by using a mechanical arm to grasp bottles or cans from the stacks located on the side of the cooler. Tiny cameras also help match the kind of beverage to what’s running out.

Sounds like this technology could be the future for more stores moving forward.


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