This Sailfish Isn’t a Fan of Grannies


In the life cycle, the senior stage can lack the thrill and adventure prevalent in your younger days. The zest for life can waver when it’s up against the physical limitations of an aging body. After all, the mind might long for more excitement while the body will be satisfied getting a few steps without the assistance of the cane.

That’s how the story goes for most seniors. Not all though. A 70-year-old woman from Arnold, Maryland, was not ready to be confined to the space of her home. She sailed off on a boat near the Florida coast. Her adventurous spirit is far from over.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for her when a 100-pound sailfish leaped out of the water and attacked her with its bills in the groin area while her two sidekicks were trying to reel it in on a fishing line.

The sailfish left a wound on the elderly lady and she had to be taken to Stuart for medical attention.

Her reflexes were not fast enough to dodge the sailfish as they are known to be the fastest fish species in the ocean. She may be a strong lady at heart but the chances of escaping the danger of a sailfish without a scratch are slim.

The grandchildren have an epic story for bedtime. Enjoy kids as grandma lived to tell the story.


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