This Snake Was Craving A Burger

A Sonic Drive-In had an unexpected intruder pop into the restaurant for a startling surprise. Employees at the fast-food chain darted for the door once they discovered a slithering snake behind the deep fryer. This snake was approximately three and a half feet long.

Matthew Wilson, an officer at the Brunswick Police Department, was called to the restaurant to deal with the serpent. He said: “When I saw it, I could tell it was just a ball python and not a rattlesnake.” The crew could care less about the type of snake as long as it is gone.

Removing a snake from the premises lies outside the officer’s call of duty. Luckily, Wilson has a ball python at home, and he felt comfortable interacting with the snake.

He grabbed a broom handle and detangled the serpent from its coiled position on the ventilation pipe. Then, the officer slipped him into a paper bag and carried him out of the restaurant like a take-out order.

This order turns out to be a new pet and friend for his current snake companion. Wilson said, “He’s got a new home.”

Wilson believes that the snake could be a pet that someone may have abandoned. It ended up at Sonic through an open door, and the hot fryer could have been a warm hiding spot for this cold-blooded creature.

Eammon Leonard, an invasive species biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, said: “It could be somebody just didn’t think through the consequences of a large snake as a pet. Some people have regrets later on and just release things. It is definitely irresponsible.”

He added: “People need to think these things through before getting a pet like this and if they do find they need to get rid of a snake, don’t just let it go. Reach out to us (921-264-7218). We can help them.”

This snake got lucky. The reptile squeezed a delicious bite of food at the restaurant before leaving in the hands of a new experienced owner.