This Teacher’s Dog Got Too Hungry


My dog ate the homework can be a far-fetched excuse for an uncompleted task. What if it’s not the student that utters this phrase helplessly?

A teacher shared a story on Reddit with her guilty dog surrounded by shredded paper. Her caption was: “When you’re a teacher and your dog eats everyone’s homework…”

The husky spared no one’s homework after it stumbled upon the pile of delicious paper. Will the students forgive the dog for chewing on their work or are they sending the teacher to the principal’s office?

The reaction from the students remains unknown but several Reddit users had something to say about the incident. One person commented: “How the tables have turned.”

Another user wrote: “My dog ate your homework is the best excuse ever!”

A person shared a similar story: “I had to use that excuse with the tax office once. Dog ate my tax return. The look on their face was great when I held up the proof. Dogs are great.”

Fortunately, this teacher has proof to show the students if they don’t buy the excuse.

The students got lucky with this unexpected turn of events, especially the ones that didn’t do well. Thanks to the mischievous dog, everyone should get an A+ for this homework task.


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