This Top-Rated Hole Beats Churches


Get your mind out of the gutter if your thoughts are racing toward sexual connotations as this post refers to a literal circular hole carved into a brick wall. According to Tripadvisor rankings, the NatWest Hole is the best attraction in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Places of worship pale in comparison to the enticing appeal of this hole. What is so special about a hole in the wall? Why is it ranked higher than churches and trails?

One review on Tripadvisor read: “This site is absolutely breathtaking, the architecture is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed, beyond the likes of Dubai, Manhattan, Singapore. One cannot capture the beauty and the thought put into the design, I will propose here. What a blessing to have seen this in person, It is a truly stunning masterpiece.” We can assume that the architects behind the infrastructure of Dubai and Singapore hung themselves after reading this insult.

Another reviewer wrote: “Not all it’s cracked up to be, to be honest.”

A Reddit user is baffled by the high ranking as it appears nothing out of the ordinary. If a hole in the wall is the best landmark in a town, it does not deliver a promising pitch for the rest of the attractions. The other sites must be so dull that people feel more pleasure from staring at a wall.

A Reddit commentator defended the place and wrote: “This hole means everything to me. My mum and dad met right there and I was conceived there a year later. I proposed there and now my child will be married at that spot next year.”

People could look at the same architecture and have drastically different experiences. Some see lifeless, boring bricks, and others see them as breeding grounds for their offspring. You do you.


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