This Vagina Can Hold 200 Ecstasy Pills


Keira Wilson, a 25-year-old, entered the Daresbury music festival without a clue regarding how many drugs were in her possession. She served as a drug courier to deliver drugs to a person inside the festival.

Her vagina was not a safe hiding spot as she was caught red-handed. Rosemary Proctor, a prosecuting lawyer, stated that a drug detection dog sniffed out the possibility of drugs in her possession. Then she was directed to a police search tent for further investigation.

Wilson knew she had something illegal down there but it was a mystery to her about the type and quantity of the drug. She also had no idea about the recipient of the drug who was waiting inside the festival.

The police officers searched her body to seize the drugs. After an uncomfortable search, her large pouch revealed 192 pills of ecstasy with a total value of $2,373.

Officers seized her cell phone and found text messages where she discussed buying tickets for the festival. According to police reports, “The texts also show that she would take the ‘gear’ inside for a man, effectively acting as a courier smuggling the drugs inside to hand to a third party.”

Matthew Hopkins, her defense lawyer, defended her by calling her stupid and pleading guilty to the claims. Quite the defense. He said: “Because of this foolish decision, this 25-year-old young lady stands before the court facing a substantial prison sentence.”

Hopkins did reference her guilty plea and stated that she had no prior convictions. He added: “The process has been a salutary one for her. She poses a low risk of reoffending and is not going to do this again.”

Wilson was sentenced to two years in prison and suspended for 18 months. Recorder Simon Parrington said: “She must also undertake 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £468 covering court costs and a statutory victim surcharge, while an order for the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs was approved.”

Wilson will think twice before opening up her large pouch.


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