This Wolf is a “Cuddly Puppy”


Although wolves can look similar to certain dog breeds, they can be quite different animals. No one wants to mess with a big bad wolf.

The Oklahoma City Police Department came face-to-face with the terrifying animal after they responded to reports of a wolf wandering around a daycare. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found that the canine was actually “a cuddly puppy.”

Officers learned the animal wasn’t actually a wolf on the loose but a mix between dog and wolf. They posted about the discovery on Twitter. The 85 percent wolf and 15 percent Alaskan Malamute had been reported missing to a nearby police department.

Wolf-dog hybrids have become a popular trend over the last few years. Owners looking for the wild look of a wolf with the restraint and learning capabilities of a dog can seek the best of both worlds in a hybrid mix.

Thankfully, the “cordial canine” was reunited with its owner.


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