This Woman’s Got Buns of Steel


Waiting in lines at fast food restaurants can even test people with the best patience. Not being able to wait any longer, a woman hopped behind the counter at a McDonald’s restaurant to help herself to some free burgers.

Despite pleas from staff to leave, the woman couldn’t help herself to the fast food goodies. The woman stormed behind the counter at a McDonald’s in Lewisham, London, and shocked staff by grabbing a few burgers and shoving them in her bra.

Credit: Deadline News/TikTok

Throughout this entire ordeal, the unknown woman is also dawning a wedding dress. Perhaps she just needs some greasy fast food to make her day a bit better.

A staff member attempts to get her to leave but she pushes him before making her way around the man and back to the prep station to grab some more food. In the video, the woman is heard saying: “What the f**k. I just want a f*****g cheeseburger.” She ended up taking matters into her own hands.

The customers waiting for their food and watching the situation unfold asks: “But why you got two cheeseburgers on your breasts though?”

Eventually, a senior-level staff member comes in and manages to get the woman out of the kitchen and away from prying eyes. Some people just can’t wait for their meals.


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