Three Women Arrested for Fight Over $1.75 Sauce


The cost of living is only skyrocketing and it’s affecting everyday necessities like groceries or dipping sauce. A group of women got too heated over being charged $1.75 for this sauce for their french fries that they started a violent food fight.

At a little after 4 a.m., three women were out for a bite to eat when they became violent over the thought of having to pay extra for dipping sauce at the New York City restaurant Bel-Fries. They were given an explanation for the charge that didn’t sit well with them apparently.

“We explained to them that this is a business rule and that it is the same for everyone, but they did not understand,” Rafael Nuñez, the restaurant’s chef, said.

Video footage taken by Nuñez shows the women ripping apart and throwing everything in sight, even attacking a plastic barrier bolted to the counter. They are accused of throwing metal objects, destroying computers and are seen getting on the restaurant’s counter and twerking.

The three women involved, Chitara Plasencia, Tatiyanna Johnson and Pearl Ozoria were all arrested and face felony charges. According to authorities, Ozoria is also accused of stealing money from the register and punching an arresting officer in the face.

“Two of my employees were hit in the head with glass bottles,” said Annalee Schlossberg, one of the restaurant’s owners. She has now hired a security guard and is working to add new safety measures inside the restaurant.

“My number one priority is making sure all of my employees are not only physically OK, but mentally OK,” Schlossberg said.


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