Time Traveler Fights Corrupt Government


Thomas W. Lee, a 39-year-old man from Virginia Beach, embraced his heroic side when he claimed to time travel in an attempt to save his son from a corrupt government. Every hero needs a suitable vehicle to do the job, so he stole a 2013 Nissan Altima car in a Hempfield shopping plaza. Shortly afterward, he engaged in a 40-mile chase with the police on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

In a court hearing, the hero confessed to being under the influence of drugs. “I stole a car because I was tired of walking. I thought I was a time traveler because I was on drugs. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. I was just trying to save my son,” Lee said.

Lee pled guilty to 24 charges including “aggravated assault with a vehicle, drunken driving, fleeing police, resisting arrest, and numerous traffic offenses”.

The Nissan car was stolen when the car owner left the vehicle to stop by a local pizza store. The police officers tracked down the vehicle two hours later in Cheswick in Allegheny County. They had a high-speed chase with Lee that exceeded 100 mph.

Lee was not going to end the chase without a tough fight. He intentionally swerved into the cop’s car. The chase reached a climax when Lee ran over a spike strip. This strip was implemented by the police officers to deflate the car’s tires. The car drifted off the toll road and Lee fled the scene.

Police officers had to shoot Lee twice with a Taser and he was then escorted into custody.

Lee was pressing for an immediate resolution in the courtroom as he believed he was at risk of sexual assaults while confined in prison. He is going to need to actually time travel to overcome these hefty criminal charges.


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