Tired Man Starts Toll Booth Tango


Toll booths have become a popular way for cities to maintain highways. Asking for a small fee is essential to keep up frequently used roads. One man was tired of paying his share when he decided to take it out on an employee.

The incident happened at the Kachnariya toll plaza on Rajgarh-Bhopal road in Madhya Pradesh, India. Watching CCTV footage, it’s clear as day that a man slapped a woman employee at the toll booth when she refused to let him go through without paying the fee.

Taking the slap in stride, the woman picks up her shoe and hits the man in retaliation. By this time, people around watching the toll both tango got involved, trying to stop the physical altercation between the two from escalating any further.

The CCTV footage was posted on Twitter. According to a local news outlet, the man named Rajkumar Gurjar was driving his vehicle without a FASTag, which automatically deducts toll charges from an online wallet. He claimed to the employee that he was local and should be exempt from paying the toll but didn’t have any documentation to prove that.

“He said he was a local. I said but I don’t know you. Then I went and informed the supervisor. The supervisor asked him if I knew the man. I said no, and then the man got out of his vehicle, abused me and hit me. I also hit him back,” said the toll booth employee, Anurandha Dangi.  

The woman also mentioned how there are seven female employees at the toll booth yet there is no guard to protect them. She filed a written complaint against the man who has yet to be arrested for his involvement.


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