To Catch A Yeti | Get The Flick Outta Here #68

Somewhere in the frozen north of Canada, in the mid-90s, a made-for-TV movie was filmed, and shelved for two years, thought to be unfit for human consumption. Eventually, it was foisted on an unsuspecting public and then quickly forgotten as an inconsequential piece of kiddie-fare fluff.

But in reality, it is so, SO much worse than that. It might be the worst movie we have ever reviewed for this channel. It might be the worst movie ever MADE.

Meat Loaf stars as a world-famous-in-his-own-mind big game hunter, Big Jake Grizzly. Mr Loaf was cast in the film one week before production started. His sidekick is named Blubber, played by an actor who is not fat.

They are hunting a Yeti in the Himalayas, but when they find one, he looks more like a Furby crossed with a kangaroo rat. The Yeti escapes their clutches and stows away with an American mountain climber, befriends his young daughter, and spends the rest of the movie just being generally unsettling.

It is a movie that never should have been made and perhaps never should have even been conceived of.

This is “To Catch A Yeti.” Time to Get The Flick Outta Here.

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