Touch Screen Discovery Makes for Great TV


Technology constantly changes at a rapid pace these days that people can be left speechless. A news crew from Chicago was shocked to find out that their weather map was actually a touch screen on live television.

Greg Dutra, a meteorologist with WLS-TV (ABC7) in Chicago, was delivering the morning weather forecast when he gently brushed against the station’s digital weather map. When the map moved, everyone in the studio was surprised.

“Oh, I moved the map… I didn’t know I could do that!” Dutra said while live on air. His colleague, news anchor Terrell Brown, was just as excited and insisted on testing out the new technology on live TV. “I gotta try it!” he said.

The news network posted the hilarious on-air moment on social media with many people calling it the highlight of their day. One person said: “This was priceless this morning.”

Another wrote: “A big kid with a new toy. Him and Terrell are about to be fighting over it now lol.”

Seniors are the age group that tends to struggle with technology most and some saw the clip as an enlightening moment for everyone. A user commented: “You made some seniors really happy today! It’s not just them that hasn’t caught on to new technology.”


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