Tourist Board Uses Giant Belly in Advertising Campaign

With more people starting to travel for the holidays, standing out with a good marketing campaign is everything. Vienna, Austria, set its sights on the weird by creating a tourism video that encompassed the best places in the city visited by a giant belly.

The Vienna Tourist Board teamed up with Jung von Matt DONAU and director Björn Rühmann to produce a “surrealist ode to indulgence and acceptance.” The film they created was to tell the story of a belly being separated from its owner and going on its own journey of self-discovery through the streets of Vienna. There, the belly is able to find who it truly is, finding acceptance and indulgence in art, food and culture.

“The underlying message beneath all this is quite simple,” Michael Maria Morgenbesser, creative director at Jung von Matt DONAU, said. “Vienna is a city that accepts you just the way you are. If you travel there, you are invited to love yourself. The clearest expression of that, we figured, is a moment of real indulgence. No gorging of course, but also no holding back from the sweet things in life.

“The epitome of depriving yourself of real indulgence is the idea of getting rid of your belly — we hoped that turning the unwanted son into a lovable character who is just looking for a place where he can belong, will help us connect with our viewers.”

Björn Rühmann, the director behind the film, said that nothing made the team happier than seeing their belly strut around Vienna. “We all fell in love with the character. And we still feel for him now, when watching the film.”

At the end of the short film, Harry, the man who previously owned Belly, reunites with his belly, finally accepting himself and the city completely.

Source: https://youtu.be/RYjcIS-urbk