Tourists Surf Up Venice’s Grand Canal


For the trailblazer, rules are meant to be broken. A few daring tourists rewrite the rules to satisfy their adventures and face the consequences of their decision.

Two surfers decided to ride the waves to explore the city while engaging in their love for the sport. The activity wasn’t the problem, but their choice of the surfing destination was an issue. They chose to surf up the Grand Canal in Venice with their electronic surfboards.

Cameras filmed them surfing through the waterway with a view of the iconic historical architecture.

The tourists were swerving the water bus and taxi that were obstacles in their way. The ride was going smooth till one of the surfers fell off his board. Even if he falls in the water, the priority is to save the phone from water damage. He held the device in the air and caught footage of his companion surfing carefree.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro shared a video of the surfers on Twitter with the caption: “two overbearing idiots making a mockery of the city.” If people assist in identifying the guilty tourists, he offers a complimentary lunch.

It was a quick process to trace down the pair behind the surfing incident. He later tweeted: “The two surfboards have been confiscated and soon… those responsible will be in our grasp.”

Officials did not let them off the hook easily. Each surfer was fined $1,500 for posing a risk to the canal navigation. The duo had an antisocial behavior order against them and the tourists had to leave the city.

The surfers left with a priceless experience. Money comes and goes but memories last a lifetime.


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