Town Overrun by Aggressive Kangaroos


Kangaroos are known for being aggressive animals when they want to be. A small town in Queensland, Australia, is attempting to fight off a horde of kangaroos but is simply being outnumbered.

Maaroom, Australia, is home to only 219 people and now around 60 to 80 kangaroos. Locals are saying there are “too many to count” and have been having to walk around with sticks in order to fend off the feisty marsupials. Who knows what goes on in the head of a kangaroo? One has to be prepared.

“They’re constantly hopping around the park in between caravans. People are walking around with a big stick now. I’ve been wanting to go fishing of an afternoon but I won’t do that, just in case a kangaroo gets me,” Caravan Park manager Karen Sutcliffe said.

She added: “They’re just so quick you don’t know where they are.” This sounds like the beginning of a horror movie but it’s just the reality for residents.

Apparently, the reason for more roos in the area is the increase in rain. Torrential downpours have led to grass growing at a faster rate. Kangaroos love long grassy areas so residents that don’t manage their lawns well enough have seen big herds.

“We’ve counted more than 60 to 80 kangaroos on any given day within the town itself and the local forests that surround that wouldn’t support that many kangaroos,” DES manager for southern wildlife operations Frank Mills said.

Mills also warned residents against feeding the animals, as that only gives them more of a reason to stick around.

“This can have a negative effect and actually encourage them to get closer to humans,” he said.


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