Toyota: What Warranty? Pay Up Pal


2022 Toyota GR86 owners stated troubles with the dealership when engine lubrication problems are impacting the functionality of the sports car. Blake Alvarado, an owner of a 2022 GR86, expressed frustrations after being refused an engine replacement outlined in the warranty. The dealer argued the repairs will be the driver’s responsibility since he took the car to an amateur track day. This statement is a refutable claim since the company urges its customers to take advantage of free track days.

Alvarado’s struggles began when his car engine failed. Upon closer inspection, he discovered room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) in the oil pickup of his engine. RTV is a sealant used as a gasket for the Subaru FA24D engine in the car and due to negligence, RTV was applied in larger quantities than necessary. When RTV gets added to the engine’s oil, it can clog pickup. For Alvarado, the excess amounts of RTV caused a ruined bearing.

He shared his difficulties with the dealership on social media and people joined the pity party with similar experiences. Owners across North America and Japan have found different amounts of RTV in their oil pickups. Toyota and Subaru appear to be sweeping this issue under the rug while the car customers are irritated by the staggering car repair bills.

Due to his participation at autocross events, the dealership refused to replace the car engine. Alvarado admitted to attending those local driving events but he argued that these events weren’t the problem since they do not exceed the speed on highways. His engine was in good condition with no signs of abuse when it failed with just 13,770 miles.

Toyota offered to repair the vehicle for over $11,000, which Alvarado finds unaffordable. As an alternative solution, he purchased a used engine from California and had it shipped to his residence in Arkansas.

Kudos to Toyota — they didn’t incur financial losses. We have to give the dealership an A+ for customer service as the broke customers will be thrilled to make future purchases.


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