Trapped Bear Rescued From Six Flags Amusement Park


A lost bear may have had a bit too much fun after it wandered its way onto the back lot of a Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park. Authorities from the Los Angeles County Fire Department said the bear ended up getting stuck between two Conex trailers holding equipment.

Engine 76 and Battalion 6 were the ones that responded to a call for service involving a bear trapped between two trailers in the back lot of the Valencia theme park. The crew was later joined by Heavy Rescue 103, USAR 136, California Fish and Game, and the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.

Credit: Los Angeles County Fire Department

“They worked diligently and patiently for the next several hours to free the bear,” the fire department said in a news release.

According to authorities, the bear was sedated and rescuers used heavy equipment to move one of the trailers and gain access to the trapped animal. “USAR 136 was successful in utilizing its equipment to move one of the trailers to gain better access to the bear once it had been sedated,” authorities said.

After freeing the animal, the bear was packaged for transport and relocated to a safe location by California Fish and Game personnel.


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