Traveler Throws His Body for the Luggage


Baggage claims aren’t merry-go-rounds that welcome riders on the circular platform. For naive tourists, it’s worth clarifying that airports are not amusement parks to exert active energy. Nicholas Garrett, a 29-year-old, was caught climbing through the carousel to retrieve his suitcase.

News footage revealed a man who was arrested after climbing through a luggage platform at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

A witness spotted Garrett crossing over to the restricted area and notified the cops. Officers stepped in to catch the lawbreaker from enjoying the ride.

As for what prompted his leap, Garrett noticed the zipper of his luggage had been opened and a pair of shoes estimated to be $1,000 were missing. He told officers he observed an employee through the carousel door after the rotations stopped, which made him jump through the carousel.

Expensive shoes are not a compelling or acceptable reason to break the law. The officer said, “What you did was a big, big no-no.”

“I wasn’t trying to break no laws,” Garrett replied.

As a consequence for his reckless behavior, cops arrested Garrett. The suitcase had a hidden treasure of a ‘small amount’ of marijuana, adding to his list of offences.


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