Tree Hugging Competition for Nature Enthusiasts


If your love language is physical touch and seeks comfort in being grounded in nature, then the Scottish Tree Hugging Championship is a wholesome experience. After all, being present and mindful in a natural environment can do wonders to our mental health. 

Darach Forest Therapy and Darach Social Croft jointly hosted a tree-hugging championship in Levi, Lapland, Finland, and Alasdair Firth emerged as the winner of the competition. 

There were three different events:

  1. Speed Hugging – In this event, people ran around in the forest like a madman hugging a high volume of trees. The judges looked for the highest number of trees hugged in one minute and each hug lasted at least five seconds. 
  2. Dedication – For those passionate huggers, they were able to show their affection to a specific tree. Judges assess for presence, intention, love and respect. If they can display these emotions to an unresponsive tree, the participants are well-prepared to create a lasting relationship with another individual. 
  3. Freestyle – Creativity was embraced when participants had to come up with unique ways to love a selected tree for one minute. The wilder, the better. 

Through these events, the organizers hope to create a greater appreciation for nature while fostering more connections within the community. For a change, this competition allowed people to tune out distractions and technology while taking in the natural beauty of trees. 


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