Trespasser Does a Bikini Photoshoot


Influencers are not always the best source of inspiration as their staged life can only reveal half of the filtered story. For instance, what may appear stunning on the gram, could be another person’s property captured for aesthetics. Is their lifestyle worth envying after?

Holly Cheesman, a bikini model with over 13,000 followers on Instagram, was caught pulling her pants down at a luxury $4 million mansion. The influencer stripped down to use the mansion as a backdrop for her bikini photos.

Nick McDonald, the homeowner of the Palm Beach residence, spotted Cheesman posing for pictures with his CCTV that was recording his property. When she stepped too close to the home, the CCTV captured the incident and sent notifications to McDonald’s phone.

In a short video, the surveillance cameras exposed her passing her phone to a photographer while she slipped off her jeans to get some quick footage.

McDonald was used to visitors clicking photos by his residence and took their interest as a compliment for the display. After all, if it is a hideous entrance, there would be no people trying to get photos.

Cheesman got a new Instagram profile picture from the photoshoot. Although, she is not the only influencer drawn to the beauty of the residence. People stop by regularly to view the area with its modern touches of greenery and glass bottom plunge pool.

McDonald did drive to his residence shortly after the notification. Cheesman sought permission after a few clicks. The homeowner said: “I pulled up and they kind of smiled and said, ‘you don’t mind if I get some photos here, do you?’ then kept at it.”

Silence is consent for her. Her photo shoot will pay off in spurring up interest for the sale of his residence should he choose to sell it one day.


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