Trespassing Pig Finds Trouble


It’s not every day that police officers have to apprehend an animal for breaking the law. A pig was trespassing on residents’ properties, eating out of their gardens when officers had to step in to remove the animal.

Officers Joe Pike and Richard Bladon from the Great Yarmouth Police were called to the Southtown area in Norfolk, England, as multiple residents called complaining over a hungry hog.

The large black pig was tracked down by authorities and taken into their care until they were able to find a suitable arrangement for the animal. They investigated to see if the pig was someone’s pet but no owner was found.

The officers decided it “seemed a bit harsh to arrest the pig for criminal damage” so they instead asked a local animal sanctuary to take it in. The Hillside Animal Sanctuary was able to take the pig in “before he turned to bacon in the heat.”

The Great Yarmouth Police posted about the pig’s adventures on Facebook. Several people enjoyed the post’s clever wordplay, also adding their own. One user wrote: “That was extremely well written. Fair play,” while another commented: “Bringing home the bacon.”


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