Trombone-Playing Teacher Scares Off Black Bear


The sweet sounds of a little trombone were enough to drive away a curious bear from a British Columbia school.

Over a period of a few days, a black bear had been lurking around the school, lured in by the smell of the school’s trash cans, which are kept outside in a wooden structure and not accessible to wildlife.

Tristan Clausen, who teaches music at St. John’s Academy in Shawnigan Lake was alerted that there was a bear on the premise. After another teacher’s attempt to scare the bear away by banging on a door failed, Clausen jumped in the only way he knew he could.

“I thought: ‘Well I can do better than that,’ and reached for my trombone and went out,” he said.

To get the sniffing bear away from the trash cans outside the school, Clausen busted out his trombone. The frightened animal left the area in a rush.

“He wasn’t a fan of my playing, I’ll tell you that. I was making a lot of noise on that thing. I wish I could say I played a tune but I was really just focused on making as much sound as I could,” Clausen said.

The area has seen many bear sightings over the last several months with more likely to come as the year goes on. Often attracted to the smell of food, it’s best to keep any garbage locked up or to apparently have a trombone handy.


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