Truck Tires Narrowly Miss Homeowner


Life is full of surprises. One woman was in for the thrill of a lifetime when a pair of tires crashed into her home unexpectedly.

Della Ogletree was sitting inside minding her own business when two runaway truck tires completely tore up her home. The 91-year-old LaGrange, Georgia, resident was extremely lucky to walk away uninjured despite the state of her home.

“Those tires are almost as tall as I am,” Ogletree said. “It sounded like a bomb had went off and I said what in the world is that.”

The truck tires crashed into her home at 4 p.m. by coming in through an outside wall, entering one bedroom and into another.

“It appears that an 18 wheeler was traveling on the roadway when a set of tires with wheels (tandems) broke off the trailer and rolled, striking the home. The tires and wheels were heavy enough and were moving fast enough to break through the exterior of the home,” LaGrange police said in a statement.

Thankfully, Ogletree decided to delay her nap. The gas line was also narrowly missed, which could have been catastrophic. “When I got here and saw the damage it was just unreal, she could have been killed,” said Barbara Davis.

Investigators are looking for surveillance video of the accident to obtain more information about the incident. A witness reported seeing the truck’s tires break off and roll away but didn’t see them crash into the home. It’s also unclear if the driver knew that the tires broke off at the time of the incident.


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