Turkey Commits a Burglary


Police officers in the Wisconsin department were stuck brainstorming ways to catch a wild turkey after the bird broke into an apartment. Their police training covers break-ins associated with people, not animals. The bird does not care if the person is homeless or law enforcement. The untamed bird will put up a fight when it feels threatened by a stranger.

In a Facebook video, Wausau police officers ran after the turkey inside a second-floor apartment. The bird was flying between rooms, and the cops were chasing them in an attempt to capture the speedy animal.

Todd Baeten, Wausau Police Department Patrol Captain, said: “It really underscores the unpredictable nature of the job, that our officers are asked to do at any given time.”

The officers had their protective gear with gloves and a net to contain the bird. The more they chased the bird, the further it flew away.

Doris Madden lives in Wausau’s City Walk Apartments, and she observed the apartment’s broken window. She was clueless about what had shattered the glass and called the apartment manager to inspect the area. The manager found out the turkey was the culprit behind the break-in.

Madden said: “I think it’s kind of funny. I’m just glad it wasn’t my apartment.”

The officers did manage to trap the turkey into the net, releasing it outside the residence. The apartment tenants have to deal with the aftermath of the situation. Hopefully, it is the first and last turkey break-in for them.


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