Turn on the Lights for a Scallop Party


Love is a stronger motivation than fear; remember that for the next fishing expedition. This statement isn’t expressed exclusively by peaceful monks in monasteries. British scientists have revealed new findings on the best way to catch scallops. It has nothing to do with the traditional trawling or dredging methods that damage the ecosystem and induce anxiety in marine life.

Their approach focuses on taking a pot meant for catching crabs and inserting some bright lights into it. The scallops prefer the bright lights over the confining nets, as it delivers an excellent visual stimulus. They love the disco party atmosphere and King scallops swim directly into the pots when illuminated.

Why do the kings love bright lights? The eyes of scallops are sensitive to motion and light intensity as they have anywhere from a dozen to several hundred image-forming eyes. It’s worth appealing to their vision to reel them in.

This discovery was accidental as the lights were meant to attract crabs but the scallops displayed a greater liking to the set-up.

This finding paves the way for a more effective, low-environmental impact fishing method for scallops. Pot illumination allows fishermen to catch high-value scallops with inexpensive methods. It requires minor adjustments to standard crustacean pots and it delivers higher retention with the scallops so it is a strategy that can lead to a good catch.

Not entirely convinced? Test the theory and light up their habitat to see if it’s truly enticing in their eyes.


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