Twerking Pool Party on a Subway


There’s never a dull moment on the train tracks. This New York City subway ride was not an ordinary commute for passengers as they found themselves amid a wild party atmosphere. Imagine lowering the newspaper to find ladies dressed in black bikinis twerking hard to an impromptu pool party. Your jaw would drop to the floor in disbelief. 

Your mouth can remain open as these party animals were dancing around pouring liquor shots to subway passengers, and as a bonus, lap dances were available. Absent spouses can remain blissfully ignorant of an eventful commute from work. It is not every day someone grinds up the crotch in public. 

A Twitter user shared the party clip and reached over 900,000 views. A user commented: “No wonder covid and monkeypox doing numbers out there.” 

While another expressed marital concerns: “Like imagine homie trying to tell his wife that he wasn’t at the strip club at 6 pm, the J train had pool party w/ strippers… she gonna look at dude sideways.”

This pool party was a treat for the male gaze as the women flashed their bodies down a slide on the floor. The inflatable pool was made possible with bottled water. 

Not everyone was impressed and sexually aroused by the party set-up. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Communication Director Tim Minton said: “This appears to be a Hollywood concoction or a dopey stunt. New Yorkers don’t appreciate rides being delayed when trains get taken out of service because selfish grownups came to trend.”

Ladies, divert the lap dance to homeowners to persuade them to host a private pool party. It will spice up their residence while saving the MTA transit frustrations. 


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