Two Men Almost Killed Themselves Trying to Blow Up Immigration Center

If the goal is to burn down a building, it would be a tragic story to learn that the hands that lit the fire were burnt to ashes.

In a Facebook video shared by Servicio de Inmigracion in Bakersfield, California, two men set themselves on fire after tossing an accelerant on a California immigration services building. “Dear customers, we started the year a little bad but with the grace of God we will get ahead,” read a translated version of Servicio de Inmigracion’s video caption.

A surveillance camera captured two men dressed in black with masks covering their faces walking up to Servicio de Inmigracion. The duo continued by dumping the accelerant over the building and parking lot.

Credit: Servicio de Inmigracion

In the video, one of the men was fanning the flames to spread it and the other one was squatted over a puddle of the accelerant and tried to light it on fire. Once ignited, the fire spread fast and the man started panicking when his leg caught on fire. The second man was startled and ran away to get away from the situation.

A witness said that the suspects dropped their phones at the crime scene and they have been handed over to the officials for further investigation.

Kern County Fire Department (KCFD) responded to the fire outbreak and the fire was able to be contained within ten minutes. Some smoke from the fire did seep into the building and a large industrial fan was destroyed. 

The business was shut down and there was a GoFundMe donation page set up to make up for the damages. Police are hoping to identify and catch the suspects soon.