Two People Electrocuted While Posing for Selfie on Rail Tracks

A pair who attended the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago were literally shocked after trying to sneak in restricted areas in the railway tracks for photographs.

A male and a female were sitting on the tracks and trying to take a selfie, when the man leaned back and electrocuted himself with 600 volts. The photo opportunity quickly turned into a painful situation and he was seen carrying the girl on top of him, shocking her with the direct contact. 

The accident took place when the two were commuting to the festival in Grant Park. They were zapped with the high voltage at Chicago Transit Authority’s Ridgeland Green Line.

Another person had to step in and pull them off the rail, fortunately he wasn’t severely electrocuted by the rescue efforts. He walked away with a few shocks and was able to get the duo out of the dangerous location.

The duo who are in their twenties had to be hospitalized and the man is in a critical condition. 

The accident happened very quickly, within the span of a minute. The man went into a cardiac arrest and the Oak Park Fire Department was dispatched to the scene. He was unconscious and transported to Loyola University Medical Center in critical condition.

The girl faced less severe symptoms and she was still conscious when the firefighters arrived to the location. The next day, doctors declared that her condition was improving.

“The scene was turned back over to the CTA [Chicago Transit Authority] Saturday night and trains were running again within about an hour of the OPFD response,” fire officials confirmed.