Two Sisters Accidentally Swap Grooms After Power Outage


Two sisters accidentally swapped grooms during a quadruple wedding function after the power went out. The wedding occurred in the village of Aslana in central India’s state of Madhya Pradesh.

To start from the beginning, the father of the brides, Rameshlal Railot, organized the weddings of his three daughters and one son to be on the same day. During the wedding, all three sisters were wearing the same bridal outfits and had their faces covered with a veil, in keeping with local traditions.

The bizarre mix-up happened when during the pre-wedding function held at nine in the evening, the entire town suffered a power outage. Two of Railot’s daughters ended up sitting with the wrong groom at the start of the wedding ceremonies.

One of the daughters, Nikita, was supposed to marry Bhola, but instead, her sister Karishma ended up sitting next to him over her partner Ganesh. The brides completed a handful of pre-wedding rituals unknowingly doing them with the wrong partner.

Thankfully, it seems the couples didn’t carry out any of the official rituals.

“They did not exchange garlands or wedding vows, but the [mixup] happened for one of the rituals,” Sitaram, elder brother of Railot, said.

Sitaram also noted that the village does not have proper electricity pylons, which only proves how inconvenient and serious the power outages can be to locals.

He added that the wedding otherwise “continued as planned”, with the wedding vows exchanged after the power came back on at midnight, this time with the correct grooms.

Attendees claim that the lights coming on just in time to stop the wedding vows from being exchanged to the wrong couples restored their belief that the pairs are perfect matches.


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